Steel Scores

I think this is the first time since I've been posting scores that we've had a tie for first place in a match.

Congrats Joe and Janson.

First, to all who braved today's schizophrenic weather, thanks. We were a bit short handed, but it all seemed to work out. Second, just remember that next months Benefit (steel) match will be on the FIRST Saturday of the month. Not the second. Third, hope everybody had fun. Scores below. 



We had a good start to February. No ice. No snow, and only a little bit of rain. We will call that a win. As for the match, a good mix of challenging and and speed stages. Hope everybody had a good day and thanks to all who helped with setup and tear down. 



Good match. A little ran. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. What else is there to say? Thanks for the help with setup and tear down. See you next month. 



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